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Simon Thompson
Founder of Growth Assembly

No More Feast or Famine


“One minute we’re killing it, the next we’re scrambling”

We run a marketing agency, and this is how things used to go:

1. Work on lead generation and business development – tap our network, ask for referrals, send emails etc.

2. Get clients, celebrate wildly

3. Stop lead gen because we were masters of the universe and had all the work in the world

4. Do great client work

5. Contract ends, become somewhat alarmed

6. Start losing our minds at the prospect of going broke, scramble for leads

7. Repeat

After about six or seven cycles of this, we thought to ourselves: “nope”. Not anymore.

We needed a system. Something repeatable.

It also had to work, obviously. But that wasn’t the problem. We knew what worked.

During our times of scrambling, we tried a lot of new things. And some of it stuck.

We knew what had to be done, but we were just losing our minds doing it.

We needed it to run on autopilot.

So here’s what we did (and still do):

1. We set up the system

2. The system generates at least 5 leads every week

3. We never have to worry about not paying our bills again

And not worrying about the bills wasn’t the only problem this fixed.

In fact, we soon came to a pretty big realization:

***Just about any business problem can be solved with more leads.***

Don’t believe me? Here’s just a few examples of problems solved by more leads:

  • Clients that suck the life out of you? You don’t need to take them on anymore, because you can be selective about you take on
  • Too much to do? You can hire more people
  • Want to charge more? You don’t have to worry about not winning every deal
  • Lack of ping pong table in your office? You have disposable money

Think of any business problem, and ask if more leads will fix it. Or at least help it.

You would be surprised how often the answer is more leads.

What Results Can You Expect?

We’re selective about who we work with. We only work with businesses we’re confident we can drive an ROI positive result for.

Assuming we’re a fit, our goal is to at least double your investment over a three month period.

To date, we have not missed that goal.

Results for our content agency: 


If we’re a right fit, we will help you generate at least five leads per month on autopilot (but more like 10-20). 

What would that mean for your business?

More people? Less worrying? Not taking on crappy clients just because you have to?

Whatever it is, more leads tends to solve the problem.

We know from experience.

Let’s See if We’re a Fit?

Want to drive more leads for your business? Send me an email at simon@growthassembly.com and let’s talk about the exact strategy we can put in place to generate five extra sales conversations (at least) every month.


How many leads can I expect?

We say 5-10 qualified leads per month. To be honest, that’s the minimum you can expect.

Where do the leads come from?

Linkedin, primarily. We’ve tried a lot, and this is what we’ve been able to make work consistently. It’s a “fundamental”, meaning it won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

Why did you start this business if your other business is so successful?

Our other business (Content Kite) runs because of people much smarter than I am. I am no longer integral to the business, although I am still involved at a high level. Growth Assembly is a “passion project” of sorts. I know I can help people grow their businesses rapidly with these methods, and that has a profound impact. In short, I genuinely love doing this.


Are these leads that can actually turn into customers?

Yes. Even if they close at a relatively low rate (around 10%), that still averages out to at least a deal every month or two.

Who handles the Linkedin component?

We help you optimize your profile, write your messaging, and select your targeting. From there, we completely manage your campaign for you, without ever having access to your Linkedin data. You just pick up the interested leads as they come in.

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